Join us on Spetses


Spetses, also known as the Island of Fragrances, is a glamorous, car-free haven just two hours from Athens. Sitting in the heart of the Saronic Gulf, it is both rich in history and unbelievably beautiful. It is home to the Bouboulina Museum, the converted house of Greek War heroine, Laskarina Bouboulina, which will be one of the festival’s screening venues. The Agia Marina Beach will also serve as another extraordinary venue, as well as The Poseidonion Grand Hotel and Cine Titania. These cultural pillars of the island provide unique settings to watch films and documentaries as well as celebrate the history of Spetses.


JULY 11 • 12:00 - 14:00

ECHOES WORKSHOP | Fashion Sustainability & Up-Cycling

Romina Karamanea Fashion School and Kilo- Shop partnered up with the Aegean Film Festival to show you through a fun workshop how you can up-cycle and transform your clothes in easy and creative ways!

Join us and under Romina’s instructions we will make a completely new shirt that you will, of course, get to keep. We will play with the practices of slashing and knotting and then use tie- dye or stencil to give your new shirt a one- of- a- kind, colourful identity completely unique to your style.

The workshop is open to everyone and the practices are safe and fun for children, as well. (limited capacity)

Follow the link for tickets: